Horse Dentistry School

Equine Dental Education

Promoting Functional Occlusion for Optimum Nutrition and Performance

​​​​​​​Equine Gnathological Training Institute, Inc.

Five day Advanced Equine Gnathology Course

          Held in April, June and October

Location:  EGTI School Building, Downtown, Glenns Ferry, Idaho, USA
Five Day (600T) Course Cost: $750.00; Additional Week of Practical Available

Available School Housing; $50.00 per day or $300.00 per week. 

Shuttle Service to and From Boise Airport: $150.00


Understanding  Gnathology and Gnathological Procedures
Gnathological Determinators

  • The Five Biomechanical Pairs Influencing the Process of Deglutition and Performance

Meaning of The Equine Dental Paradigm
Understanding the Process of Deglutition
Meaning of Prophylaxis As It Pertains to Equine Teeth
Meaning of Equilibration As It Pertains to Equine Teeth
Basic Anatomical Structures of the Head and Neck

  • Occipital Variations
  • Anatomical Variations
  • Symmetrical Variations

Biomechanical Influences

  • Of Teeth
  • Of Joints
  • Of Muscles

The Influence and Importance of the Hyoid Apparatus

  • Stages of Arthrosis
  • Grading Arthrosis Progression 1-10
  • Palpation Techniques

Mastication Patterns (Variations) and Their Influence on Dentition

The Neuromuscular Gnathological Approach to Mandibular Biomechanics

  • The Three Defining Motions of Pitch, Yah and Roll


  • The study of condylar movements during lateral mandibular movements
  • Lateral Condylar Reference Point (LCR Point) 

Bit Seats and Their Relationship to Air Flow Factors
The Influence of Dental Cysts on Air Flow
The Function and Purpose of Conchae and Turbinates’
Feeds and Feeding Issues
Performance Issues

  • Wolf Teeth, Blind Wolf Teeth, Ectopic Teeth, Dentigerous Cysts
  • Bitting

Principles of Maintaining Equine Teeth

  • Incisor work and occlusal variations
  • Working With Non-sedated Horses
  • Working With Sedated Horses


  • Use of New Hand and Power Instruments

Certificate for 24 Hours of Continuing Education Awarded Upon Completion of Course

Additional 5 day practical and advanced certification course available

Course Text:  Advanced Equine Dental Guide

Advanced Guide to Oral Biomechanics and Dental Rehabilitation in horses

General Questions; What Does It Mean
Introduction: The Jeffrey Equine Dental Paradigm
Stomatognathic System Defined
Equine Gnathology Defined
The Biomechanical Process of Deglutition
Wolff’s Law of Bone Transformation
Trajectories of Force/Benninghoffs Lines
EOTRH: Equine Odontoclastic Tooth Resorption and Hypercementosis
MPC: Meniscus Pad Compromise/Compression/Atrophy and Deterioration
Centric Occlusion Versus Centric Relation
Functional Occlusion
Reading Pathology
Jeffrey Brothers
EGTI Pre-dental Check List
Colic Ball
Gnathological Determinates/ Five Biomechanical Pairs
Skull Anatomy
Engagement/Disengagement of the TMJ
Osteoarthrosis of the TMJ
Pitch, Yah and Roll
Mandibular Biomechanics
Incisor TMJ Relationships
Busicco Incisor Table Angle Gauge
Arthrosis of the Hyoid Apparatus: Orientation
Why We Need Knowledge of the Arthrosis Process
Causes of Arthosis
Angle of Stylohyoid to Jugular Process
Bones of the Hyoid Apparatus
Palpation Techniques
Cerato to Stylohyoid Arthrosis
Tympanic Bullae, Occiput, Mandible
Occipital and Incisor Deviation
Temporohyoid Osteoarthropathy
Bony Changes to Hyoid Apparatus
Hyoid Comparisons
Arthrosis of Stylohyoid to Petrous Bones
Comments On EOTRH and EMPC

Instructors:                      Dale Jeffrey
                                        Bert Lambert                                      

                                        Other Guests and Associates