Horse Dentistry School

Equine Dental Education

Promoting Functional Occlusion for Optimum Nutrition and Performance

A Registered, Bonded and Insured Proprietary School

Idaho State Board of Education

Equine Gnathological Training Institute, Inc.

2050 East Medicine Wheel Lane
King Hill, Idaho 83633 USA

Dale's Cell:  208-869-1002

Fax: 208-366-2870

Horse Dentistry School Hands on Training 

                    Course Cost for Training Sessions

Session 100TP  Theory and Practical                            80 Hours

​     Cost:  $3500.00

​Session 200TP  Theory and Practical                            80 Hours

​     Cost:  $3500.00

​Session 300TP  Theory and Practical                            80 Hours

​     Cost:  $3500.00

Session 400TP  Fundamental Certification                    80 Hours

​     Cost:  $3500.00

​Session 500TP  Advanced Certification                         80 Hours

​     Cost:  $3500.00

​Session 600T  Three Day Advanced Training               24 Hours

     Cost:  $1050.00

​Session 600P  Five Day Advanced Practical                  40 Hours

​     Cost:  $1750.00

100/300TP Course Text:  “Oral Health in Equidae” by Jeffrey; Curriculum by Jeffrey

​400/600TP Course Text:  "Advanced Equine Dental Guide ", by Jeffrey, Curriculum by Jeffrey

Shuttle service to and from Boise Airport                                $150.00

​EGTI available housing                                                                    $50.00 per day or $300.00 per week

​Course deposit for all Sessions                                                     $500.00

     Permission and deposit are required prior to attendance.  You may apply by sending an application, by phone or by email.  For a proper form see our application section.

Note:     You may pay using United States Currency.  We also accept Travelers Checks, Master Card, Visa, Certified Funds, Guaranteed Bank Checks and Money Orders.

Our goal is to provide quality education for economical prices by keeping costs as low as possible.

For Further Information Please Call Dale at 208-869-1002