Horse Dentistry School

Equine Dental Education

Promoting Functional Occlusion for Optimum Nutrition and Performance

Back Drive at Main House

Main House at Medicine Wheel Ranch

A Registered, Bonded and Insured Proprietary School

Idaho State Board of Education

Equine Gnathological Training Institute, Inc.

2050 East Medicine Wheel Lane
King Hill, Idaho 83633 USA

Dale's Cell:  208-869-1002
Fax: 208-366-2870

Horse Dentistry School Hands on Training

Equine Gnathological Training Institute


Many individuals attending our classes fly into Boise, our closest airport and rent a vehicle allowing them to tour beautiful southern Idaho during their stay.  We are happy to shuttle folks to and from the airport for $75.00 each way.

The ranch is located about 2 miles south east of Glenns Ferry on Rosevear Road at 2050 East Medicine Wheel Lane.  Glenns Ferry is about 72 miles south east of Boise on Interstate 84.